Welcome to Korea Long-Term Ecological Reserch (KLTER) Network!

KLTER Program
Operated by the
Korea Forest Research Institute
KLTER Program
Sponsored by the
Ministry of Environment, Korea

The 3rd ILTER-EAP Regional Ecological Information Management Workshop

2000 Korea-China Joint Serminar on Ecosystem Research and Sustainable Management

1999 3rd East Asia-Pacific LTER Conference  

1999 3rd East Asia-Pacific LTER Conference Photo

1998 East Asia-Pacific Regional ILTER Workshop

1998 Regional ILTER Workshop Photo

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For further questions, comments, or communication, please contact Professor IHM, Byung Sun, the Chair of the KLTER Network, Professor Kim, Eun-Shik, the International Coordinator of the KLTER Network, or any member of KLTER Committee. Thank you !